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Stretching for Fitness, Health and Performance : The Complete Handbook for Al...

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Japanese Cooking for Health and Fitness Kiyoko Konishi 1983 First Edition
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Lot Of 9 Women's Health Magazines 2012-14 Womens Back Issues Health and Fitness
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An Interesting Tennis Dome

If you enjoy sports you probably are familiar with air supported structures such as a tennis dome. These structures such as a tennis dome can be created and installed easily and they can cover two and half acres or more or less as the situation requires. They can have 30,000 square feet of space so that people inside the tennis dome are lots of room to play the game of tennis. Even though these structures may be air tight they still are enjoyable for people to participate at various sports activities and not notice that they are in an air pressurized environment. Also the average temperature in one of these alternate buildings may stay fairly constant at 70 degrees.

When you are looking at a tennis dome you have to realize that the fabric covering the dome is some form of lightweight material such as vinyl which is converted from hydrocarbon based raw materials into polymers through a chemical process. The end result is vinyl which can be very rigid and tough for a side of a building or it is also the only plastic thin and flexible enough to be used as vinyl fabric for an air supported structure. It has excellent flame retardant properties and can be treated to be UV resistant. It also can be treated with a fungicide to prevent mold and mildew. These are very versatile structures that can house any number of activities and serve many different purposes.

When one of these is initially erected it will be erected by professionals who are familiar with this type of construction project. And yes, erecting an air supported structure is a construction project because you cant just unroll the various sections and blow it up so it slides right into place. Before one of these structure can be erected there has to be some site prep which can involve grading or clearing land so the structure can be utilized where it will be set. When the structure is fully erected and installed and passes inspection it will be a turnkey project. If the unit is going to sit on the ground it may also need to have Astroturf or some alternate type of flooring installed so people can play on the field or walk through the structure. For example if it is used as a convention center it may need a heavy duty type of flooring material to be laid down to withstand many feet passing over it.

Before the structure can be installed there also has to be some form of air system that will keep the structure under constant pressure. This system has to take into account that the outside pressure may vary so it must be able to keep a flexible pressure between the internal space and the outside air. It could be an HVAC system or some other external air flow system. The amount of constant air pressure required does depend on the size of the structure. These are low cost alternatives to traditional buildings that can serve many purposes.

Arizon Air Structures is the world's premier manufacturer of Air Structures and Air Domes for sports domes (tennis domes, football domes, soccer domes, football domes, paintball domes) disaster relief shelters, temporary construction domes, storage buildings, fabric buildings, and more.

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SHAPE Magazine MALIN AKERMAN JUNE 2012 Health and Fitness

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The Bible Cure for Depression and Anxiety (Fitness and Health) by Don Colbert
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Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers Reviews

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers Reviews

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers

Do you suck at golf? Do you know someone who does? While written in a tongue-in-cheek style, Why You Suck at Golf is an informative and education manual chronicling the most common mistakes golfers make when playing this wondrous game. From arriving too late for your tee time, to trying to keep your head too still, if there is a common, easily correctible mistake a golfer makes it is in this book. 52 chapters in all, each discussing a mistake and how to correct it. So whether you want to have a

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 7.04

Smart Player in Basketball Life

Kobe Bean Bryant is an American professional basketball player. He plays in Los Angeles Lakers since 1996. Kobe is one of the greatest scorer in NBA. No one can go through him. He recorded 81 scores in one match. Besides his crazy technique, he also has outstanding organization skills. He often held the post of the team's first attack promoters. Moreover he is one of the best defensive players in the team. His personal defense is very oppressive.

Kobe was born in Philadelphia and he is the youngest kids of the former Los Angeles Sparks head coach. He doesn't have brothers. His parents named him after a kind of famous food. His daddy worked in Philadelphia 76er, San Diego Clippers and the Houston rockets. At the age of 6, his father left the NBA come to Italy to continue his NBA career. At that time Kobe adapted to the new lifestyle in there and knew the two kinds of languages. He began playing basketball when he was three years old. He liked the Lakers very much when he was young. His grandfather always gave him videos of NBA matches. He could research the competition video recording. In his young age, he also learned to play football and his favorite team is the AC Milan football club. He said that if he still stayed in Italy, he would be a professional soccer player. He is the big fan of former FC Barcelona manager and their former player. He admired Messi very much. In 1991 as the retirement of Kobe's daddy they removed to the United State.

In high school Kobe was recognized by all Americans with his amazing achievements. As a new player, he could be the starter of the basketball team. His father taught him when he was in the sophomore. In his first he was ordinary, he filled all 5 positions at the rest years of the high school. He led the team get 77 times winner. During the time in the Adidas training battalion, he got the title of the senior MVP prize. At that time he played with his afterward company Odom. In high school, the coach of 76ers invited him to train with the team. He played a single to single match with his teammate. In his senior year, he helped the school get their earliest state championship in 50 years. When his school career is over, he broke the southeastern Pennsylvania scoring record. Due to his fourth years' achievements, he got many awards; involving the best player in Naismith, graduate's best high school players and so on. His trainer said that he is a complete player with great control ability. He took singer Brandy to his senior party}. He got a great grade in his SAT exam and he can go to a best college. Yet, he chooses to enter the NBA to become a professional player. There are only six basketball athletes to do so. Since it is not common to enter NBA in this way so he got a lot of focus from the public. Kobe is looked as the best player in the basketball world, he spend his whole life on the NBA.

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Sports Radar

Radar is used to measure the location and or speed of an object.  Radar is basic, it sends out a signal, the signal bounces off an object and a receiver picks up the signal and displays the speed or location of that object. This technology has been used for may different applications and of course it is available for sports.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of radar that are available to baseball and softball players.  You have Glove Radar, Speed Trac Radar, The Sports Radar Gun and The Swing Speed Radar.  Each of these Radar devices can help your players learn vital skills in the game.

First lets look at the radar that measures the speed of the ball.

The least expensive is Glove Radar.  This device is good for pitchers but can also help the infielders, outfielders, and catchers.  Below are the details of this device.

This is a unique little device that can be fun to have at practice.  You could easily create little challenges between the players with this device which can get them motivated and help them learn a variety of skills.

For an inexpensive radar to measure the speed of a pitch the Speed Trac-X is in the zone.  The Speed Trac-X is a nice little device that can easily be taken to the field and the price is pretty darn good too.  Below are the details of this device.

Performance and reliability are dramatically improved on the Speed TracX due to the use of a newly engineered 2-layer PCB board, exceedingly superior quality board components and the most preferred x-band Doppler dielectric resonator module utilizing a state-of-art fet (field effect transistor). The Speedtrac-x operating software has been engineered to increase the ability to identify and track a target.


Speedtrac-X is the recommended training aid for hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, cricket, squash, lacrosse, golf, cycling, field and roller hockey, speed skating, racquetball. It is also used for radio controlled cars and in recreational motor- sports activities such as Atv’s, Karting, snowmobiling and off-road motorcycling.


Speed Trac-X is easy to use just place your unit on the ground about 20 feet in front of the pitcher/thrower. Placing the unit close to the pitcher/thrower, rather that the target area, will result in higher "out of the hand" speeds. Also positioning your speed Trac-x radar unit closer to the pitcher/thrower, and not the target area, greatly reduces the chances of your unit being struck by the ball. The radar detects a ball equally, regardless of it's direction of travel. Therefore, two people can play "catch" and the speed Trac-x will display the speed of both players throws without having to reposition it. Your speed Trac-x will also clock bat swing speed.


The only requirement for radar guns, is that the target be moving almost directly towards or away from the radar, for the most accurate readings. This is true for any radar gun.  The Speed Trac Operates on 4 'C' cell batteries and/or ac adapter unit so you won't have to waste batteries when your inside or carry a lead outside.

If your serious about speed then you need the SR3600 Sports Radar Gun.  This device is for the Pro's.  Below are the details of this device.

SR3600 Radar Gun is a precision training instrument for coaches, players and enthusiast.  It reads accurate ball and swing speeds for various sports, including but not limited to: baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, and more.  The SR3600 is full featured, reliable, durable and easy to use.  Just point and pull the trigger and the target speed is displayed.  Our advanced microprocessor based speed detection calculates speeds in just a few feet of target travel.

Sports Radar is the pioneer of the Hands Free Mode which allows an individual to read the speed of various targets for training purposes without another person being present.  Our Data Port is a feature not found on any other radar gun in this class.  The Data Port enables the use of our large displays for remote viewing or for connection to a PC/Laptop for statistics tracking.  The SR3600 is the best price/performance radar gun available.

SR3600 Sports Radar Gun Features:

Speed Range: 10 to 250 MPH

Lightweight high impact resistant design

Point and shoot technology

Range: typically 60' on balls , 1,000' on cars

Resolution + or -1 MPH

Displays speeds in MPH or Km/H

Trigger or Continuous modes

Tripod Mount

Data Port

External Power Jack

Audio Indicator

Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)

Battery life: 20 hours

Low Battery Indicator

Weight: 1.5 lbs

1 year Limited Warranty

Made in the USA

You can't win if you don't score.  Need help with your swing game?  The Swing Speed Radar can help. Below are the details of this device.

Swing Speed Radar measures golf club head speed or baseball/softball bat speed to help players optimize their swing mechanics. Used by golfers striving to improve their distance, control and accuracy.  It is becoming the tool of choice for professional golf instructors and club makers.  Baseball and softball players train with it to also improve their distance without sacrificing bat control and contact consistency.  Coaches enjoy the immediate feedback provided by the radar to reinforce instructions to "hit the ball out front". The swing speed radar measures the barrel of the bat, not the tip, "out front" in the hitting zone.

For more information on any of the above items or to purchase them go to

Morley Athletic Supply Company Inc. has been in business since 1931. As a fourth generation family member involved in the company, team sports is more than a job it's an obsession. With thousands of new products being developed and marketed every year it is important to keep coaches and players updated on what's new for their sport. I write articles to provide them with this information.

Basketball Coaching – Knockout

The better your players become at handling the ball — and fending off pesky opponents who try to force turnovers — the more chances your team will have to score points. This article presents knockout drills that will help your youngsters enhance their ball-handling skills.

Knockout helps players practice dribbling the basketball without looking at it. Looking down is a crutch that many young players lean on when first starting in the game. Being able to dribble with their eyes spanning the court is a pretty handy skill for your players to have on game day, when they have to deal with intrusive defenders.

What you need: Your entire team. A basketball for each player. Cones to mark off the playing area.

How it works: Mark off a playing area about 1/4 the size of the basketball court. Scatter the kids around the drill area so that you leave a few feet between each player.

1. Begin the drill by having each player start dribbling his ball.

2. Players then start moving around the drill area trying to knock balls away from their teammates while maintaining possession of their own balls.

3. When a player loses his ball, he's knocked out of the drill. The last player dribbling wins! If you don't have enough basketballs to go around, give half the kids balls to start with while the other half simply play defense. This is a good way to incorporate a defensive element into the drill — giving players practice guarding multiple ball handlers.

To minimize the standing-around time, you can set up another drill or perhaps a shooting station so kids who get knocked out can keep practicing while their teammates finish up this drill. You could even start this drill over in another area of the floor so kids who get knocked out can keep at it.

Coaching pointers: This drill puts a premium on being able to dribble without looking and with either hand. Encourage your kids to use their nondominant hands when possible so they can better skirt trouble and maintain possession of the ball.

To upgrade the difficulty level, you can break the team into threesomes and have two defensive players going for a steal.

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EXERCISE AND CALORIE GUIDE Fitness and Health Nutrition Wall Chart Poster

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ACSM's Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines by American College...
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Nutrition & Fitness 50 Lessons and Exercises Walch Health Reproducible
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Crazy moments in Tennis Ever !

Crazy moments in Tennis Ever !
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Timing in tennis is often overlooked because there so much attention put into technique. As if correct techn...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Australian Fitness & Health Expo

April of 2012 is the date for the annual Australian Fitness & Health Expo. This year's event will be held at the Sydney Convention Center and will honor over 300 exhibitors and have over 20,000 attendees. Whether you work in the industry, are a manufacturer within the industry, or just a fitness and health enthusiast, this is definitely the place to be to generate leads, meet buyers, learn about the latest innovative trends and technologies, and new products and services that are being introduced to the industry. This year's event is expected to be hotter than ever, and for those involved, it will be a place that takes fitness and health to the next level. This is a three day event that will provide plenty of opportunity for everyone and one that you will get to be side by side with all the greats in the health and fitness industry. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet with key buyers of commercial fitness equipment and business services from health and fitness chains and independent club owners. Attendees will be able to meet exhibitors and introduced to new brands and services, as well as, new products, and be part of live performances and demonstrations lead by leading celebrities and exhibitors, alike. There will be a number of sectors at the 2012 expo which will include:

- Health, wellness and rehabilitation

- Sports clubs and facilities

- Hotels, resorts, corporate, and residential facilities

- Schools, colleges and universities

- Military and emergency services

The event is the place for everyone that is interested in health and fitness or working in health and fitness to be and will feature celebrities such as:

- Charles Glass

- Monica Brant

- Mark Lobliner

- Dorian Yates

- Beto Perez

- Marcus Bondi

- Shannan Ponton

- Michelle Bridges

- Danny Green

- Christie Jenkins

- Josh Ross

- Michelle Dean

- Sydney Swans Football Club

- Derek Poundstone

- Matt O'Neil

- Steve Cook

- Jennifer Rankin

- Christina Vujunich

The Australian Fitness and Health Expo is all about feeling good, staying fit and feeling good. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet with key buyers of commercial fitness equipment and business services from health and fitness chains and independent club owners and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss new products, participate in demonstrations and view live performances by celebrities in the health and fitness industry. It is an event that everyone interested or involved in health and fitness should attend. For commercial businesses that would like to be an exhibitor at the April Australian Fitness and Health Expo, they can visit the site to find all the information they need. Attendees can purchase tickets in advance, which will go on sale in December of this year. This is an event that is huge and one that will set the stage in products and equipment, as well as, nutrition for the new year. There will be five live stages and plenty of opportunities for all that attend the expo from all the greats in the industry. For more information on the event, visit Australia Fitness and Health Expo.

Experience fitness science at its highest level at Australia's number 1 event for fitness and health, the Australian Fitness & Health Expo.