Volkswagen Golf 7 Edition luxury concept

The global success and 40th anniversary of the Golf is celebrated with an exclusive concept car: the Golf Edition. This fascinating concept car is equipped like a luxury limousine, and distinguishe...
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23 Responses to “Volkswagen Golf 7 Edition luxury concept”

  1. Fox7seven says:

    That shit is the concept? ROFL!

  2. Blk-opps-sniper says:

    Needs to be more special!

  3. Bombenleger Rambo says:

    It’s like a 1980 audi interieur.

  4. getu taze says:

    Its not 7 you mother fucker.

  5. Fatih Yapım says:

    Luxury they said…

  6. Artur Lika says:


  7. Blanc- Bec says:

    Thats nothing more than a Carat edition…

    The R400 concept is good tough, they need to work on that.

  8. Roy Robson says:

    WTF. We have even the same rims on our GTI 7. Just quilted leftover leather
    from the Phaeton factory doesn’t cut it. 

  9. Tyrone Ross says:


  10. Daniel NotImportant says:

    Love the acoustics on that taylor made SLDR. How do you guys like that
    stick? I need a new one because my ping i15 is about to cave in if I play
    all season with it. I was thinking about the i25 but the SLDR is pretty
    attractive… although I have never been a fan of having moving parts on a
    golf club. And I dont know about their new technology of crazy high loft
    and minimal spin. I have no problem with distance playing an 8 degree.
    Jumping up to a 12 degree scares me. Do you guys hit it any further than
    your older drivers? I would love to hear your opinion. 

  11. Yap Mun Kheong says:

    wow that contact 

  12. Martin Moore says:

    Hi guys great vids as always. How far do you drive and how far would you
    hit a 7 iron? Also when will you be having a rematch with the crossfield
    team? And again lets see you guys play 3 or 4 holes against each other for
    one of your challenge Tuesdays. Kind regards Martin

  13. Christian Kinsey says:

    At what height should you have the golf ball set when teeing off.

  14. Super1Matt1 says:

    If your eyes follow won’t that make you swing out to in? Because the upper
    body is moving across and dragging the hands out to in??? Hope that makes

  15. Lu Kenny says:

    hi, just wondering what is your grip pressure when you are doing the pull
    and push drill?

  16. Kim Estep says:

    Thank you, gentlemen. I’m a relatively new golfer (18 months), and I’m a
    tall woman. I can consistently hit my driver 200+ yards, but not always
    straight! I recently discovered that my distance from the tee affects where
    my ball goes. In other words, I set up to address the ball with my club,
    and drop the handle to my feet. If the end of the grip touches the middle
    of my arch, that distance allows me to hit the ball very straight. If I’m
    6″ closer to the tee at address, I slice it. Is this prudent logic?

  17. James Whelan says:

    Hi, great vids lads, I have a bad habit of watching the club head as I
    start the back swing, would this contribute to my slight over the top ?

  18. David Jackson says:

    love the videos guys! can’t wait to give these drills a try

  19. BIG DIRTY PANDA says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! you have helped me out so much! I still cant get my driver
    straight though I think I’m smothering the ball and I cant fix it

  20. IIAmzazZ says:

    I have the same golf shoes as them lol

  21. Jim Smith says:

    Would it not be easier to pivot on the left leg then throw the club
    backwards in line with the hips from the top to keep the lead arm taught
    then swing around the pivot. Ie similar to a Hammer thrower, set up a pivot
    then throw?

  22. Meandmygolf says:

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